Toolkit for Expanding Learning

This toolkit is intended to provide resources for city agencies, school districts, intermediaries and other organizations interested in implementing or strengthening city-wide expanded learning opportunities, as well as state agencies and Statewide Afterschool Networks designing multi-city initiatives. These tools can guide such agencies as they develop plans for afterschool, summer learning and expanded learning time initiatives in their communities. The tools were developed by leading intermediary organizations that are members of Every Hour Counts and are based on these partners’ experience working with expanded learning stakeholders. Therefore, while we believe this toolkit provides a rich and diverse set of tools for building city systems for expanded learning and afterschool, it does not capture all of the many beneficial resources that can support city-wide expanded learning efforts.

About Every Hour Counts

Every Hour Counts is a coalition of citywide organizations that increase access to quality learning opportunities, particularly for underserved students. The organization is a leading voice promoting expanded-learning systems, which provide learning and enrichment through after-school, summer, and other initiatives. Expanded-learning systems help students be more connected to school, build self-confidence, and connect with caring adults, so every student can thrive.

Every Hour Counts Partners