Boston After School & Beyond

Boston After School & Beyond is an advocate for the power of out-of-school time (OST) in youth development. We are rooted in the principles of learning what works, securing resources to test what works, and organizing and supporting the public and private stakeholders who can act on what works.

Our mission is to catalyze a partnership with the City of Boston, the philanthropic community and the city's business, non-profit and civic leadership to design and implement a successful youth development strategy for all the children of Boston.

Achieving, Connecting, Thriving: The ACT Results Framework for Boston Youth

This paper describes the project background and methodology used to develop the ACT framework.

Achieving, Connecting, Thriving (ACT) Framework

This website presents the Achieving-Connecting-Thriving framework, intermediate and long-term outcomes associated with each domain and tools for measuring the outcomes.

Boston Summer Learning Project 2011

This video showcases the promising results produced by the Boston Summer Learning Project on reversing summer learning loss and building skills for success in school and life.

The Achieve, Connect, Thrive Framework

The Achieve, Connect, Thrive framework has been used in Boston, MA to unite stakeholders from across the youth-serving field around the skills young people need to succeed. Derived from the best of the youth development field and afterschool program providers themselves, the skills in the framework are those that research from a number of fields, including education and developmental psychology, suggests are important for success in school, college and 21st century careers.

Boston Learns Together: Four Strategies for Closing Boston's Opportunity Gap

In these briefs, Boston After School and Beyond unveils four key strategies to close the opportunity gap: 1) summer learning for all; 2) skills for success (the “achieve, connect, thrive” framework); 3) innovative ways to learn and earn; and 4) strategic partnerships.