After School Matters

After School Matters is a nonprofit organization that partners with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Public Library, the Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and community-based organizations to expand out-of-school opportunities for Chicago teens.

Through its innovative gallery37, science37, sports37, tech37, and words37 programs, Chicago teens take part in engaging activities that provide skills that translate to the workplace. Through positive relationships with adults and peers, they are exposed to educational and career opportunities in their neighborhoods and the city at large. By coordinating city resources and anchoring the programs around clusters of public high schools, parks and libraries, ASM enriches the lives of teens and helps to revitalize Chicago's communities.

After-School Programs and Academic Impact: A Study of Chicago’s After School Matters

This study highlights Chicago’s After School Matters (ASM), a program that offers an exceptional opportunity to study whether an afterschool program designed to help high school students learn work skills can increase their commitment to succeeding in school.

After School Matters Replication Resources

This presentation outlines the goals and components of the ASM Apprenticeship Model and how to replicate the program.

Teen Engagement in Developing Program Best Practices

MIKVA Challenge

Teens in the After School Matters Youth Advisory Council, in partnership with MIKVA Challenge, conducted interviews, surveys and observations to generate recommendations for out-of-school time instructors on how best to engage teens, make them feel valued and encourage their active participation in afterschool programming. They packaged their recommendations into this instructor toolkit and accompanying video.