Afterschool Professional Development: Resources, Outcomes, and Considerations

This paper seeks to accomplish the following objectives: 1) to outline why professional development is critical and how to maximize opportunities and resources to achieve the most impact on afterschool professionals, programs and participants; 2) to describe and clarify the wide variety of forms, styles and types of professional development; 3) to identify and explain the common factors—regardless of the type of opportunity—that serve as the principles for effective professional development; and 4) to suggest and explore the numerous considerations for decisionmakers in afterschool programs

Room to Grow: Tapping the After-School Workforce Potential

In this policy brief, TASC proposes creating a sequenced, articulated system of professional development for the afterschool workforce. The brief documents promising approaches and contains recommendations for leaders in afterschool and workforce development.

Guide to Rhode Island After-School Quality Standards

This guide to Rhode Island After-School Quality standards helps providers, parents and youth understand what quality looks like in afterschool programs. In conversations about afterschool opportunities, afterschool providers across Rhode Island expressed the need for a common language to use for setting goals and measuring progress, which resulted in the development of these quality standards.

Program Quality Self-Assessment (QSA)

The QSA Tool is an instrument used by out-of-school time program providers to assess the quality of their programs and to assist staff and stakeholders in creating an action plan for continuous program improvement.

Speaking in One Voice: Toward Common Measures for OST Programs and Systems

This document showcases research related to Out-of-School Time (OST), with an emphasis on exploring the factors that contribute to quality and that affect youth development outcomes.

Achieving, Connecting, Thriving (ACT) Framework

This website presents the Achieving-Connecting-Thriving framework, intermediate and long-term outcomes associated with each domain and tools for measuring the outcomes.

A System That Works: Highlights of Effective Intervention Strategies in a Quality Improvement System

This document highlights Prime Time Palm Beach County’s Quality Improvement System, which is recognized as one promising systemic effort to improve quality in the afterschool field.


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