Section I. A Focus on Student Success

This section presents reports, analyses and commentaries on the importance of afterschool and summer learning programs for promoting academic achievement and school performance. Topics include homework, the Common Core State Standards, supporting English learners and students with special needs, dropout prevention and other issues key to promoting college and career readiness.

Carol H. Rasco, Judy B. Cheatham, Sarah H. Cheatham and Earl Martin Phalen

The Achieve, Connect, Thrive Framework

The Achieve, Connect, Thrive framework has been used in Boston, MA to unite stakeholders from across the youth-serving field around the skills young people need to succeed. Derived from the best of the youth development field and afterschool program providers themselves, the skills in the framework are those that research from a number of fields, including education and developmental psychology, suggests are important for success in school, college and 21st century careers.

Data-Sharing: Federal Rules and Best Practices to Improve Out-of-School-Time Programs and Student Outcomes

In this paper, the Partnership for Children and Youth reviews the importance of data-sharing across school systems and the expanded learning community and offers strategies and case studies describing how data-sharing can work within the parameters of FERPA and other privacy laws.

Video Series on Expanded Learning in Providence

PASA's expanded learning approach is all about connecting the Providence community with schools and teachers. To accomplish this, PASA uses a collaborative teaching practice that brings together informal educators from some of Providence's most dynamic youth-serving organizations with formal educators from schools.

Top Ten Ways to Build School and Community Partnerships

In this video, partners of the Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) describe ten innovative and effective ways for schools and community organizations to build strong partnerships that support high-quality expanded learning.

How to Schedule Expanded Learning: Three Cities, Three Ways

This brief presents three expanded learning schedules providing rich learning experiences for students during the school year and over the summer, illustrating successful partnerships for school district leaders, after-school intermediaries, policymakers and others.

The After-School Apprenticeship Program Toolkit

This toolkit contains strategies for developing a high-quality apprenticeship experience for high school youth.

After School Matters Replication Resources

This presentation outlines the goals and components of the ASM Apprenticeship Model and how to replicate the program.

Boston Summer Learning Project 2011

This video showcases the promising results produced by the Boston Summer Learning Project on reversing summer learning loss and building skills for success in school and life.

The Hub School Year Program

This web-resource and blog are dedicated to ELO student learning.


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