Young people need—and deserve—more from their education. High quality afterschool and summer learning programs powered by school-community partnerships offer young people a variety of hands-on, engaging learning activities that build upon the school day.

The Expanded Learning and Afterschool Project connects you with research, resources and best practices for building affordable and sustainable approaches to expanding learning in your community.
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“Young people who participate in afterschool programs are much less likely to participate in risky behaviors, we know that they have greater social competency, they make new friends and establish connections in the community.”

Michael Nutter, Mayor, Philadelphia, PA

“As city leaders, we know that partnerships within our cities are the key to success. … These partnerships guarantee that all young people receive the opportunities they need to be successful and productive citizens.”

James Mitchell Jr., City Council Member, Charlotte, NC

“I credit an afterschool program for igniting my interest in engineering and technology which ultimately led to my careers as a rocket scientist and astronaut.”

Joan Higginbotham, Former Astronaut and Board Member, Afterschool Alliance

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