Family Involvement as a Critical Element of Quality Expanded Learning Opportunities

Delia Pompa

Senior Vice President of Programs, National Council of La Raza

Take the time to bond with families. To some we are like a second parent, and we are seen as a partner as we watch their children grow. The parents want you to feel what they feel and what they’ve been through and take the time with them. 

- Chicago Afterschool Provider

The relationship between providers, parents, and youth should be circular—communication should flow openly.

- Chicago Afterschool Parent 

They (staff) do keep me involved, but you know what? I put myself out there…you (staff) need anything, call me up.

- Washington DC Afterschool Parent

Quality expanded learning opportunities after school and during summers not only build youth’s academic and social skills, they provide the opportunity for them to contribute to their communities’ development. Particularly for Latino students, who are often some of the most vulnerable and underserved in the educational system, these programs can be their connection to a variety of sources of support in their academic and developmental growth. The core of successful programs is a close connection to their families and communities.

These fundamental lessons have emerged over the last 5 years, as the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has strengthened its efforts to build the capacity of its network of affiliated schools and community-based organizations to provide quality expanded learning opportunities programs for Latino students. During this period, it has become increasingly clear that certain strategies and practices make the most positive difference. 

The following best practices, based on a review of the literature and the experiences of NCLR practitioners in the field, can and should be applied across expanded learning programs working with vulnerable populations:

. . .providers should make it a priority to understand the values and needs of the families served.

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